Roofing Funnies

A collection of a few good roofing stories ….

This man is a typical runs his mouth all the time know it all that got fired from his job and has been unemployeed for 2 yrs, I ran with him and allowed him to help me a few times for a cheap labor rate that I still paid too much for-anyways:

Story, his elderly neighbor needed to have her roof repaired in Orlando so him being a god sent offered to do it for nothing. I don’t know how he did’nt slid off with sections of roof and when asked which house it was he pointed a few houses down from him, roof was still on it, l so I don’t know the validity of it but still makes me laugh to this day thinking about it.

Second story-same guy, helping a buddy shingle his barn roof. They were tearing off and not tied off and he happened to get hung up with a bundle making it’s way down the roof.

They were going to start a tear off/reroof for an older gentleman who told them his story of when he roofed the house years ago in his younger days. Roof was a 10/12 pitch and he was doing the roof by himself, he threw a rope over the peak and tied it to the hitch of his truck and the other end to his waist. Old boy says he was working away then next thing he knew he was getting drug up the side of the roof he was working on then tumbled down the front side all the while his wifef does’nt know yet he’s attached.

Another guy here in town was on a crew roofing in the winter on a 2 story, he fell/slid off the roof and landed in a snow bank on the side of the house, then got back up on the roof and started working againg like nothing happened.

Another time my grandfather and I were felting a roof on a 7/12 addition we did. We were 2 courses from the top when he slid down the roof ripping off all the tar paper and was able to drive the claw of his hammer into the sheathing right at the rake so he did’nt go over the edge. After a short breather we started felting again, this time I was rolling out the last course at the peak, and this time the paper I was on ripped and down I went a sliding. I was able to claw hammer off a good 3′ from the edge, but while I was hanging onto my hammer I told him we’re all done for the day, lets go home. We did LOL. That roof just did not wanna be covered that day-period!!

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