The Amusing Side Of Home Improvement

Home Improvement Service Providers, while providing some of the best skills in the nations workforce also have the uncanny ability of providing us with some of the most amusing images and video footage when the home improvement job goes bad, now a days called  ” A Home Improvement FAIL”. 

Skilled and  Do It Yourself home improvement folks alike have provided us with a wealth of content…

We Are Home Improvement Specialist And We Are Here To Help .. Well .. Maybe?

Funny FAILs in Home Improvement & Design… Unless It’s Your Home We Guess.

Fence Funnies

It is not always the fence installation crew that provides us the laughs it’s what they see on the job.

Funny Fence Installs
“Little Billy just knew he could climb the new backyard chain link fence with his big boy pants on ….’
Fence companies and fence installation crews sometimes goof up the on the job and sometimes their fence customers do. All in all they provide some of the best home improvement to the landscape of a home with some beauty wood fences, privacy fences, and now they got vinyl fencing materials. While home and business owners might be impressed with their fence installation skills we just want the funny pics and videos.

Flooring Funnies

In home floor covering specialist spend way too much time in their show room answering calls from people who want in home samples, floor covering installation, and finance options on their selection of hardwood, vinyl and carpet floor coverings but,…  their crews that go out floor sales people and installation crew can provide us the funny images we seek. Thanks to Dave from Orlando Flooring And In Home Service Company Floors 2U for this picture.


Heating and Cooling companies are mostly all business when it comes to repairing air conditioners, heat pumps, hot water heaters, and such so it’s not easy to catch them in the act of being funny but….. they love to point out the funny hack job other HVAC companies leave behind.

From accidental window replacement (after falling through a window)  missing parts of heat pumps and ac repairs in unusual places our friends in the HVAC industry supply us plenty of funny AC fun.

Landscape Funnies

These Denver landscapers are not only proud of all the rock gardens, hardscaping, and other landscape art and backyard renovation but, they also like to act silly on camera. I don’t know about you but, they were doing pretty well in earning my landscaping business till Chris says he will eat all my candy bars. Landscaping is tough work and we admire this group of home improvement professionals for their toughness and spirit.

Plumbing Funnies

Now one of our favorite provider of home improvement amusement is of course the Plumber, I mean come on they really have a us backed in a corner for their service as in most cases it’s an emergency plumbing situation when we call them. Very few people hire a plumbing company for preventative maintenance.  So as in all cases of rush jobs there is always ample opportunity to find some humor. Photo is from one of our plumbers in Orlando Florida.
Plumber Funnies

Note To Self, Start A Line Of Plumber Pants That Don’t Slip

Roofing Funnies

Roofers well…… Let’s Dance.

When you have spent hours in the sun replacing a roof, or repairing shingles or gutters it can make you wanna celebrate with a dance when your roofing job is done said Roofer Orlando Pro Tony Rizzo of Rizzo Roofing LLC in Orlando, Florida.




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